Copi Vojta setter tilbake en stor karpe. // Foto: Evan Slater

The fascination for carp fly fishing

Copi Vojta loves carp fishing. And even if you might be thinking "ugh, carp" right now, this article (and film) can probably get you into different better thoughts.

What is it exactly that prompts the photo editor at The Flyfish Journal (TFFJ) to produce a kind of gonzo-like (but oh so beautiful) documentary about fly fishing for carp?

A Clear Attraction

The first time we published Copi Vojta was in the form of pictures for a Taco-Friday about the editor of TFFJ.

The next time we had the pleasure of working with his pictures was in connection with the photographer feature in Upstream #5.

We quickly understood that the man had a strong attraction to carp fishing. Even the cover photo – despite containing a swarm of caddis flies – told a carp story...


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